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4 min readJul 17, 2021

Have You Heard of NFT? If you are into Decentralized Finance, then you have listened to the word NFT. NFT is an abbreviation for “non-fungible token,” a one-of-a-kind token that another NFT cannot replace. NFTs are generally used to represent a digital asset or a tokenized asset from the real world. When the NFT connected with the moniker CryptoKitties clogged the Ethereum network at the end of 2017, it generated quite a stir in the market. After more than three years of development, the NFT ecosystem has continuously developed with many varied components.

What Is DefiFarms?

DeFiFarms Non-Fungible Yearn, A Binance Smart Chain DeFi Platform. DeFiFarms Non-Fungible Yearn, or DEFIY, is a DeFi NFT system for Yield Farming on Binance Smart Chain that uses ERC-721 tokens. DeFiFarms allows stakes to be more dynamic by using NFT tokens! A stake is connected to a transferrable NFT rather than a user’s wallet address. This initiative has already gained much attention. Because this project contains all of the positive features that a project should have. So far, folks seem to like this project. Because of how this project was created, I believe it will quickly garner much clout in the cryptocurrency community.

Why Are NFTs So Popular?

Since the beginning of 2021, the NFT sector has witnessed exponential growth, doubling the number of transactions, and this trend has not abated even amid severe market pullbacks. in the month of May, According to market tracker DappRadar, the average number of NFT transactions has nearly tripled, from 21,815 per day in January to 82,373 in May. (as of May 28). When cryptocurrency prices began to fall on May 12, this figure skyrocketed, with sales soaring to over 94,000 NFT transactions each day. According to Non-Fungible, a market research organization located in Canada, the entire NFT market value in 2020 will be $338 million. Mason Nystrom, a Messari expert, believes that by 2021, this figure may exceed $1.3 billion.

Function Of NFT In DefiFarms

DeFiFarms is a yield farm that uses the NFTs protocol to buy back, mine automatically, and create liquidity. It is also an AMM decentralized exchange that runs on the Binance Smart Chain platform. DeFiFarms not only offers numerous distinct benefits over Centralized Exchanges, but it also can provide more appealing earnings than current Decentralized Exchanges and Yield Farming platforms. DeFiFarm’s staking procedure will be similar to that of other DEXs today, with the addition of a unique innovation-driven by NFT. DeFiFarms’ use of NFT allows stakes to become more dynamic. Instead of having stakes set in the user’s wallet, it is connected to the attestation document, making the NFT transferrable. In other words, when you join a Liquidity Provider and reserve your tokens, you get not only incentives but also NFTs of similar worth. This is known as NFT Farming.

When you possess a specific number of DEFIY/BNB liquidity tokens on the DeFiFarms platform, LP tokens are locked in the staking contract, but their value is not negotiable. The system will produce a new NFT at the time of staking, safeguarding the digital asset contained inside it. This asset of yours will be kept on-chain in the metadata of this NFT. You may then access the market and swap NFT for the LP token’s market value plus the accrued rewards. When you or the end-user unsubscribe using NFT as evidence of ownership, the NFT is burnt, and the deposit plus unconverted incentives are returned to your wallet.

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