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As we get closer to the Metaverse, a shared persistent virtual environment of interconnected digital experiences, we hear more engagement from major industry players every day. And it all begins with playing video games. We get the impression that we can do anything when we play video games.

The future of Crypto Gamers

This is a goal that players place a high value on, and each week, gamers spend an average of 30 hours playing games, interacting on game forums, and participating in game streams. Any sense of freedom or ownership that players have is an illusion, as game publishers and platforms control your game and metaverse experience. The global gaming industry is worth more than $170 billion and is growing faster than film and music combined. There is a lot at stake for game publishers who believe that strict controls on games are necessary to protect their profits.

NFT is a game changer

Every bit of content in the game can be owned by the player. The cars, parts, tires, and even the drivers and tracks you use to race are NFTs that can be used in games or traded on third-party marketplaces, subject to the prerogative of their owners. The more game content that is tokenized to empower gamers and grant digital property rights, the more optimistic I am about the future of the gaming industry.

What is Pea Farm?

Peafarm is a crypto game that applies blockchain industry practices to create special, completely independent and irreplaceable products.., Peafarm’s network and protocols not only create companies in mini games, but also create residual value calculated in digital assets. Simply put, gaming is now not only a fun game but also a place to invest profitably and make money. This is how BlockBurn projects Peafarm.

The project

Peafarm is a cryptocurrency game that uses blockchain industry practices to create a custom product that is completely independent and irreplaceable. Within the Peafarm gaming ecosystem, PEA acts as the platform currency primarily traded and used across all gaming or investment activities and applications. Apart from the entertainment and creative elements of the game, the Peafarm ecosystem is also a place where people make financial investments while making huge profits from various farming methods. PEAFARM’s goal is to allow users to exchange items harvested from farms in the game system using the easiest and convenient way. In the PEAFARM ecosystem, every member can experience complete facilities and unlimited functionality on the platform. As the best gaming app on the blockchain platform, Peafarm is changing everyone’s traditional view of how to play video games.

PeaFarm and BKEX

In the blockchain industry, the core function of exchanges is to help users find high-quality assets and enhance their trading ability, rather than focusing on short-term profits. Cryptocurrency exchanges should not only provide users with diversified trading varieties to meet their diverse trading needs, but also, and more importantly, select high-quality projects for users and provide a wealth of secure trading tools. Commitment to creating real value for users is the foundation of the exchange in the long term. At the same time actively cooperate with high-quality NFT project parties.

Bkex will be the first to launch high-quality assets in the NFT field, and also provide support for the ecology of NFT, including market resources, brand resources, community resources, overseas resources, technical resources, etc.

Instead of focusing on short-term profits, exchanges in the blockchain industry help users find high-quality assets and increase their trading ability. Cryptocurrency exchanges must not only provide users with a variety of trading options to meet their diverse trading needs, but they must also select high-quality projects and offer a variety of secure trading tools. In the long run, the commitment to creating real value for users is the backbone of the exchange. Simultaneously, actively collaborate with high-quality contributors to NFT projects. So, stay active with Peafarm , you will also have a lot of opportunities.

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