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Hello, nice individuals! Let’s start with some background on crypto tokens and their impact on the economy, and then I’ll tell you about BIRB and its incredible achievements in the crypto realm. First, you have to learn crypto techniques.

Token deflation occurs when the overall circulating supply of tokens continues to drop to a predetermined level. Inflation, on the other hand, entails adding more of these tokens to the circulating quantity. The government’s legal tender is all inflationary. However, BIRB aspires to be a feature-rich and usable DeFi cryptocurrency that rewards its owners, whereas Birb is a decentralized Hyper Deflationary coin that wants to be a feature-rich and usable cryptocurrency that rewards its owners.

Earn Birb with Simple Web App

Birb created an online gaming portal where players may earn BIRB tokens by playing games. Anyone can earn Birb by hatching the Birb Nest using the web application. You can hatch and receive a 1% prize of BIRB tokens using our entertaining game portal. Every day, rewards are available on our gaming platform. Our holders are also rewarded through our web app. The top 250 holders will earn 48 percent of the depleted BIRB.

How Does The Birb Game Work?

The game collectibles have value because of the transactions and crypto being spent to acquire and create these collectibles. … Therefore, you don’t want to play just any game, but rather games that you enjoy and games that you can tell are at least somewhat profitable. Using our game portal is simple, but before we discuss how to play the game, we will explain what happens with birb coins at PancakeSwap. Every 24 hours, 5% of the Birb coin supply on PancakeSwap will be drained. Any user can call the action to hatch the nest (drain the pool) to gain 1% of the daily drained birb coins. The nest can be hatched once every 24 hours. Only one user can call the function, so be quick, and you will have a chance to earn some birb coins!

51% of the drained coins will be burned forever. 48% of the drained Birb coins will be distributed to the top 250 holders every 3 days. A user must call the action in the game portal to receive their Top Holder Reward. Rewarding our top holders is crucial to us, and after much thought by our development team, we all decided that the top 250 holders are an excellent choice. The team’s wallets will never be part of the game, so only you can enjoy the benefits.

The entire Birb family adores birds, animals in general, and people in general. The Birb team has decided to aid people and animals in need through charity activity. All of the proceeds from their planned merchant store will go to a charity chosen by the Birb community. A weekly donation of three BRB tokens will be made to the community’s chosen charity. So, what do you have to lose? Let’s get started with BIRB and take to the skies once more. I’m confident you’ll reach for your phone to connect to BIRB.

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