LUNALAND; The World First Decentralized Monetary System With Many Features

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You are all aware that the World Bank can print additional money for their gain. Because of their capacity to manage currency circulation, international banks can manipulate the global financial system. As a result, bitcoin was created to address this issue, transforming into a decentralized alternative economic system that will address various issues raised by a centralized financial system. Cryptocurrency is the answer to today’s financial problems, and experts say it will be the economic system of the future. Because the centralized financial system is vulnerable to manipulation, several platforms have developed solutions, such as those provided by LunaLand, a peer-to-peer digital currency and value store.

About The Project

LunaLand (LLN) is a digital currency and value store that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. It, like digital gold, seeks to guard against inflation and limitless money production. It is the polar opposite of fiat currencies, which have an infinite supply potential. It not only has a limited supply, but it is also a hyper-deflationary supply coin, meaning that the majority of the initial supply will be burned until the target quantity of 400 million coins is attained. Starting with a collection of one trillion coins, 99.96 percent will be burnt in regular cycles. The burn cycles will continue until a supply of 1 Lunar distance in meters, or the gap between the Earth and the Moon, of coins, is reached, i.e. 400 Million LLN.

LUNALAND’s LLN Token Characteristics


The use of hyper-deflationary supply to boost upward price movement. LUNALAND will deplete the coin supply until we reach 1 Lunar distance in coins. (400,000,000 coins) A 99.96 percent burn rate from the original pool of 1 Trillion coins decreases currency supply, leading to price momentum higher.

Burn and Earn

LUNALAND is available to everybody and has a high return potential. A variety of measures will be in place to reward early adopters and holders. Weekly burn cycles will consume 90% of tokens and distribute 10% of burn to holders. Burn cycles are used regularly to reduce supply by 99.96 percent, from 1 trillion to 400 million coins.

Weekly Burn Cycles

LUNALAND will feature weekly rising burn cycles that will be randomized and notified three hours before they begin.

Reward Holders

Because controlled burns do not impose a penalty on buyers and sellers, they stimulate trade and liquidity while still rewarding holders.

Encourages Trading

Encourages liquidity by rewarding early adopters and reinvesting at least 50% of profits in liquidity pools. There is no trading tax to stimulate liquidity, and coin incentives to holders provide the best of both worlds.

Cheap Entrance Price

With a supply of one trillion coins, the goal is to give a low entry price while rewarding holders with infinite upside potential.

Low Transaction Fees

At the moment, the cost of moving $1,000,000 in LunaLand tokens is $0.05. (at the time of writing). In comparison, the cost of executing the same thing on the Ethereum network might be 1000x or more, depending on network congestion.

High-Speed Block Creation

In recent tests, when distributing LunaLand tokens to our investors, we discovered that sending large amounts of LunaLand took less than 8 seconds to reach the buyer. Again, using Ethereum as an example, depending on network congestion, blocks might take several minutes or up to an hour to generate.

The world bank is granted the ability to print money in an infinite amount. This enables the World Bank to control money circulation and inflate the economy. And LunaLand is here to serve as the polar opposite of fiat currencies, with an infinite supply potential. LunaLand is a peer-to-peer digital money and value storage system. LunaLand’s method will avoid inflation and limitless money production. It was launched on the BSC platform with a hyper-deflationary mechanism, allowing participants to get various benefits such as passive income, no tax, restricted supply, low entrance fee, and tokens with a bright future. If this is the future you dreamt of, join LUNALAND.







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